Write a notice on Safe Drinking Water | Safe Drinking Water notice writing

Write a notice on Safe Drinking Water

Birbhum Zilla School (H.S)
Sub: safe drinking water

Notice No: 03

Date: 18/08/19

 It is hereby notified to all the students that our school is going to take a drive entitled ‘Safe Drinking Water’ on 25/08/19 in the locality. We all know that water is a great source and substance of life. We can’t live without water. Safe drinking water is a vital basic need to all of us. But in India, drinking unsafe water is a great problem. Very few people don’t know that contaminated water causes diseases like – diarrhoea, jaundice, typhoid, skin problems and even cancer. UNICEF has taken initiative for safe drinking water for all people yet everyone is not alert about it. That is why we have thought that a team of 5 students will go to every house in this locality and will tell the people to drink the water after boiling or filtering and to wash dishes with the water of tubewell. We think all the students will help us to make our drive successful by participating in it. For further details, the countersigned may be contacted. 

Sd/- _
Teacher-in-charge of Eco-club
Birbhum Zilla School

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