Writing an email to request for an office expense from the boss

Email requesting for expenses from the boss

The Manager,
X Company,

Subject (Requesting for office expenses from the boss)


This is X (your name + Designation) requests to inform you that there are certain office expenses which I though to bring to your immediate notice

(It will be great, if you can highlight couple of them, such as
Electricity – 13473 INR etc)

This email is regards to help you know about the necessity of such dues as you have always been known for addressing the issues of expenses on timely basis.

Thank You in advance,

Yours Faithfully,

X Name

y Designation

Z (your Signature and Date)


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How do I write an application to apply for school house captain?

I am writing the following letter to the Principal requesting him/her to consider me as a school captain
1. Before, moving further, it is important to mention the following reason:-
***Why do you think you are suitable for school house captain?
2. ***Why should the Principal or HEAD chose you over others?***
3. ***What makes you justify you reason?***
Now, if you don’t know the suitable reasons, you can give.
I am helping you with them. Check it

The Principal,
City Montessori School,
Aliganj, Lucknow
Subject (Request to consider me as a school house captain )


I am X (Your name) student of Class 10th A, requests you to kindly consider me as a school house captain
Besides being good in academics, I am also punctual and have fair degree of interest in extra curricular activities, and I can do the job of a studious captain pretty well, if given a chance.

So, consider me for my overall grooming.
Looking forward towards a positive reply,
I will be highly obliged,

Thank You in advance ,
Arpita Sharma
Class 10th Student

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How to write a letter to the librarian requesting to issue a library book 

Letter requesting college librarian to buy couple of books

I am writing the following letter to the Librarian requesting him/her to add two specific books in the library
Hope, it helps every single one of you

The Librarian ,
City Montessori School,
Aliganj, Lucknow

Subject (Request to add two books in your esteemed library)

I am X (Your name) student of Class 10th A, requests you to add two books in your esteemed library.
They are
1. X titled of Y Author
2. Z Titles of X Author

I have referred these books in the past as they have in-depth reference with easy to grasp information. Considering the approaching exam, they will surely prove to be an additional source of assistance.

It will also be great help for many students including me, as we can also do group study

I will be highly obliged,
Thanking You,
Arpita Sharma
Class 10th Student

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How do I write a letter to principal explaining that I had surgery and had to keep my child home?


Why you need him? (This aspect is very important, because your child who suppose to go to school, has to be at home for your care)

So, you need to give a solid answer, where you will be telling about the genuine reason why you need him/her.

Obviously, no parent would want her child to be absent from school, so the school is going to consider you, as you as a parent is going to request the Principal.

Here, I have helped you through the following post

Requesting to allow my child to take care of me for 3 days due to surgery

The principal,

City Montessori School,

Aliganj, Lucknow

Subject (Requesting to allow my child to take care of me for 3 days)


I am Mr. Sharma father of Anil  Sharma  student of Class 10th A, requests you to kindly allow my child for my care for 3 days starting from tomorrow i.e 16-04-2018 till 18-04-2018

The doctor has advised my complete rest where I have to be under extreme care. Since, he is my only help for the time being, so I would request you to allow him for three days only.
He will resume school from 19-04-2018

I will be highly obliged,

Thanking You,



Father of Anil Sharma

12/56, X Road,
Y city,

15th April, 2018

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2 minutes tutorial to know the difference between TO and FOR

I am going for a walk  (correct)
Let’s read the following post, to know the reason


Use of TO

“TO” is used for a specific direction and the direct has to be clear
For example,
I am going to school (direction is clear, so we are using TO)
I am going to meet you (Direct is clear, as I am going to meet you)

But, If I say
I am going to somewhere (wrong)

I am going to somewhere (we will omit “TO”, as direction is not clear)

Just say
I am going somewhere

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Direction – Use of TO

I am going to Dubai


Purpose of Visit – Use of TO

I am going to visit him
I am going to submit the assighment
I am going to get my child new uniform
I want to get the house-hold chores done
We ran to catch the flight


Determines the time period- Use of TO

He works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

I work from 7:am to 3:pm


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Shows the limit- Use of TO

The tank was full to the top




Use of FOR

FOR is used for belongingness

For ex.

The place is suitable for marriage party
I prepared mouth watering dinner for you
She is continuously exercise for the final round
Now, you are married, I wish the best for your life

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Express benefit for a person -FOR

Can you hold this book for me


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Indicates the duration of time

I work for 9 hours a day
He is engaged in work for 12 hours a day
He was popular for many decades
I attended the university for 3 years


Shows the distance

He ran for 6 miles yesterday







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How to use “Neither” – Ans rqstd by Aarti Kashyap of English Teacher group

Aarti Kashyap, a member of English Teacher group wants to know the correct use of “NEITHER” in a sentence

Here is the detailed answer:-

Use of Neither

Neither is used for creating a negative statement. 

Always use Singular Verb with Neither

Neither ice-cream tastes good.
Neither doctor is meant to cure your disease
Neither city is worth visiting
Neither book is interesting


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Other examples

Neither parent paid the visit on the occasion

Neither party dress fitted her, which was quite strange as she purchased carefully

Neither examination dates will be of use to me, as I won’t be able to make, as it is clashing with the dates of an important competitive exam


Use of NEITHER , with regards to question and answer session

Q, Which pen do you prefer, blue or black?
Ans. Neither of them. I already have one, thanks for asking

Q. Where would you like to visit, Dubai or Mumbai?

Ans. Neither, as I already visited both of them, thanks for asking

Q. Whom will you vote in the upcoming elections??
Ans. Neither of them, as both of them are corrupt.


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Q. Use of NEITHER and NOR (Staring the sentence with Neither)

Neither is also paired with NOR as a conjunction.

Neither Alex nor his wife told me the truth about the incident as I was in dark for a long time.
Neither Kolkata nor Chennai went to the finals of IPL

Neither he has done the work, nor he is planning to do now

Neither he has slept in the past so, early, nor he is going to sleep right now. (He may take another two hours)

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Neither is also used in the middle of sentences :-

I am neither a fan of him nor her, as I don’t watch movies
He is neither supportive of this community, nor that one, as he believes, both are same


Common Errors associated with NEITHER, you should take care

While referring about “two people” or “two things”, we use NEITHER

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Bikes and cars have their own importance for commuting, neither of them should replace the other (Don’t use NONE OF THEM)

Phones and messages have their own importance, neither of them can be replaced or substituted for each other

Trains and airlines have their own importance while undergoing journey, neither of them can be substituted for one another


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Very Important English Grammar Exercise – 2 minutes tutorial

Where to use THEIR, THEM?

Where to use MY, ME?

Where to use OUR, US?

Where to use HIS, HIM?

Where to use YOUR, YOU?

Where to use HER?


Through the following post, you will get the easiest explanation

Following will be used before a NOUN

What are nouns?

Things which identify class of people, places, or things




Now, I want to help you with examples

He is coming to MY house to meet ME

(we don’t say  , He is coming to ME house to meet ME

They are coming to OUR office to discuss business with US

We don’t say, They are coming to US office to discuss business with OUR . Isn’t it?


He is going to YOUR gym to learn exercises from YOU

We don’t say, He is going to YOU gym to learn exercises from YOUR



I am going to THEIR farmhouse, to meet them

We don’t say, I am going to THEM farmhouse, to meet THEIR




They are coming to HIS auditorium to meet HIM and discuss something important

We don’t say, They are coming to HIM auditorium to meet HIS and discuss something important 


While “HER” will be same in both


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How do I write an application letter for a volunteer job at a radio station?

The HR Department
Name of Radio Jockey Office

Subject ( Applying for internship in your esteemed organization)



This is X, a graduate and a resident of X, is also a radio lover.

It will be my honor to present myself as a volunteer in your reputed company. You can count me in for all sorts of promotional activities, or taking care of reception area or even preparing drinks etc.

If given a chance, I will be as energetic as you guys are and want to learn under the able guidance of seniors.

Looking for a favorable response,

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
Your name and signature



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How do I write a good letter asking for an internship?

Letter asking for an internship

The HR Manager,
X Company,
Y Address
Z Address

Subject – (Applying for internship in your esteemed organisation)

This is X (Your name) and I am doing MBA in Human Recourse Management with 98 percentile in the second year from X University .
Considering the level of expertise which I have gained from the university, it will be my honor to work as an intern in your reputed organisation which already has a specific department .

Being a meritorious student, I have always been a quick learner and due to my capabilities, my marks also give a sneak peak about the level of information, I have in the desired field.

Your organisation has always respected innovation and young talent and there can’t be a better platform where I also foresee my future. I count it to be a first step, which is also referred as a “stepping stone”

Yes, I have always dreamt of working in a booming environment under the able guidance of talented, hardworking, knowledgeable,and dedicated seniors.

I would like to discuss with you any internship opportunities based on the time of your convenience.

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
X (Your name with signature)
Y (Your Designation
Contact Number

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How do I write a letter to the company, after taking leave

Informing “afterwards” is usually the phase, when you couldn’t inform before. Obviously, it is an emergency situation, where you couldn’t inform before.

So, based on the unforeseen situation, you are writing the letter to the company HR / manager, or School Principal  based on the recommendation of a doctor.

  1. Yes, write down the things which the doctor has told to you and the number of days of leave, you are being told by him/her

  2. Also, it is even better, if you attach a Medical Leave Certificate along with the letter
  3. There are few exception cases, if the doctor has told you that he will check the progress of your health for telling the specific dates, then you should tell also.


The HR,

X Company,

Y Area,

Z city

Subject (Intimation about leave due to fever)


This is X (your name + Designation) wish to inform you that due to sudden high fever followed by vomiting, I have no choice, but to take urgent leave. Since, the doctor advised me to take complete rest for 3 days from 19th January, 2018 till 21st January, 2018.


I had also informed on the number (mention the number)

Now, as I have re-joined, as part of my professional duty, I am also mentioning the same through a written letter.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,

X Name

y Designation

Z (your Signature and Date)

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Where should I use “BY” and “WITH”

Where to use “BY” and “WITH”


Both prepositions tell how the work is done.

But there is a difference

For example,

“By” comes before (ing form)

For example
They improved their fluency BY speaking

You can cook a delicious cake, BY adding butter

“By” comes before a noun which is used mainly for communication or transportation

For example:-

He went to Singapore by plane/by car/by bus/by subway

I got your details by fax /by phone

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“WITH” is used when body parts or “TOOLS” are mentioned.

For example:-

I opened the bottle WITH an opener

He opened the door WITH his hands

Now, take part in the following quiz


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Where to use “OFF” and “OF”


Where to use “OFF” and “OF”

Using Of

  • To show what something contains

    • A cup of tea
    • A plate of roasted chicken
    • A glass of milk
    • A jar or tea leaves
    • A bouquet of flowers
    • A bottle of milk power
    • To show a point of reckoning

      • North of the wall
      • West of Jakarta
      • South of Durban
      • East of Tokyo

 To show possession

  • The hand of God
  • A branch of tree
  • A part of me
  • A tributary of river
  • People of India
  • To state what something is made of

    • A splinter of wood
    • A heart of gold

Using Off

The word off is the opposite of the word on. For example:

  • Switch it on. Switch it off.
  • Wipe that paint off the wall.
  • Clean the floor of the littered milk

(In this example, the prepositional phrase is off the wall. The word off is a preposition.)

  • Stop showing off.

(Here, off is a particle.)

  • Get off the table.
  • She lived off the land.
  • She is going off you.



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How can I polish my English in just 30 hours (if I know tenses?)

  • Are you desirous of polishing your English skills?


  • Do you want to become a good orator so that every single person in the gathering can clap for you?


  • Are you also looking forward to makes impression by speaking fluent English in a gathering?


  • Do you want people to get inspiration from you because of your awesome English?


  • Are you waiting for the right time when you can actually give speech in English without any stammer or breakage?


  • Have you professionally cemented your career because of possessing in-depth knowledge about English?


  • Are you envious of your friend who speaks grade English?


  • Do you want to succeed in life in the best possible manner?


  • Are you looking forward to work in other country?


If yes is the answer to all queries above, then this post is for you.


Don’t we often complain about not getting proper atmosphere to talk with likeminded people in English/?


Yes, we do as the best of excuses which is automatically generated for not able to practice English is that “we don’t have people with whom we can talk in English”.


However, this excuse will go away with the wind, but how?


Let’s read further


All of us have mirror at our home, so what I want you to do is to stand infront of it and start speaking with yourself by making eye contact.


Make sure that you need to speak for an hour on any topic of your choice by primarily focusing on the fact that you need to make eye contact. Yes, that’s important.


Why I am emphasizing on the fact that you have to create eye contact?


It is because most of us may be comfortable while speaking through phone, but when it comes to speaking with others in a gathering by making eye contact, then we lose confidence


Then this is where we lack the courage


So, this exercise of mine is actually going to substitute for the same. While in the process, you may be tempted to remove your eyes, but be firm and don’t remove them. Yes, that’s a highly important mechanism which has to be strictly adhered.

You just need to practice 1 hour daily for 30 days and there you will see remarkable difference not to mention.

You can choose to practice in breaks, that’s even better but it should amount to minimum 60 minutes. However, if it is even longer, it’s better


What should I talk to myself?


It can be on any issue or topic, such as about your


  • Favorite destinations you visited recently (Why you like it, what are the places you visited, when you visited, how you reached the place etc)


  • Talking about startups, you can also discuss with yourself, about any visionary project, which you are looking forward to start and how you can practically implement it, if given financial aid


  • If you are into hard-hitting issues, than you can talk to yourself about national issues which are currently going on such as that of national security etc


  • If you have a desire and hunger to change the country for better, then you would love to talk about how you can change it, if given a chance, what vision do you have etc


Likewise, there won’t be any dearth of topics which can come for your rescue and all in good faith. Isn’t it great?

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What are Present Perfect sentences? How can I practice them in the next 5 minutes

Present Perfect Sentences are the ones which use Has/Have with the third form of verb


Subject Auxiliary verb Past participle
He has gone
They Have slept
You Have gone
  • I have gone
  • He has eaten food
  • The doctor has recuperated the patient
  • My mother has taken me to the school forcefully, after receiving complaints about me in school
  • They have read the whole will, only to find so many loopholes, thus putting a serious question mark on its authencity
  • The teacher has already announced the result of the exam and every single one of the students seem to be tensed, but not any more though after its announcement
  • My advocate has already warned me to be careful from the other party with their nefarious designs
  • Those cowards have done this barbaric and inhuman act, as killing innocents in the name of religion is the worst possible thing, I can think of


Let’s create present perfect negative sentences

Subject + Verb+not+ past participle (3rd form of verb)



Subject Auxiliary verb not Past participle
They Have not gone
She Has Not slept
I Have Not finished
  • I haven’t written the essay in my exam, as my English is very poor
  • They haven’t gone to their respective office today due to the fear of communal riots breaking out
  • My parents haven’t yet gone for holy pilgrimage, inspite of the fact that they could have easily gone uptill now
  • She hasn’t done the homework even though her parents tried to persuade her with chocolates
  • We haven’t attended the marriage party of my best friend, due to heavy rainfall
  • My teacher hasn’t got the notice from my parents as yet, of meeting her




Let’s create Interrogative negative perfect sentences



Auxiliary Verb subject not Past participle
Have they not gone
Has she Not slept
          Have they Not finished
  • Haven’t they reached home safely even uptill now, as I believe its been many hours since they started their journey?


  • Hasn’t he demanded capital punishement for the accused, whose crime has been proven by the court?


  • Hasn’t she received her notes to prepare, as her exam is going to start next month?


  • Haven’t they done their homework as yet, or else they may have to face punishment from their concerned teacher?


  • Haven’t you gone to your hometown to bring your ailing mother for better medical checkup here?


  • Haven’t you wanted to lead a better and charismatic life which is devoid of chaos, confusion and turmoil?


  • Haven’t you asked me about the prospects of the job, even though it was your right to do the same before actually depositing the fees?


  • Hasn’t she got fever, as per her statement due to which she has taken leave from office, today?


  • Haven’t they completed the ongoing assignment now, as I believe that its been many months, since they have taken the charge of the work, and the deadline is near?


  • Hasn’t she read the story ? or else she may has to face hardtime solving queries during exam tomorrow?


  • Hasn’t he given his consent for starting the work, as I can’t start with it, without his opposition?


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Honeymoon Packages for Manali, Kullu, Shimla, Himachal

Manali honeymoon packages
India is a land of places where there is such a lot of diversity in terms of geographical locations that it is a matter of bliss that visitors tend to enjoy hills, sea, mountains etc.

honeymoon packages for Manali
Places near hill tend to have far lower temperature than those in the interiors especially in the deserts or places where sea or hills are the farthest.

3 star hotels in Manali
One of the places where visitors can enjoy in the best possible manner amidst the lap of nature is none other than Manali where it indeed feels bliss to actually be a proud witness of the gifts from nature.

Manali Tourism is expanding in leaps and bounds and it is one of the important areas of Himachal Tourism where I can assure you the simplest fact that the moment you start with your Manali Tour, your inner sense and long pending dream of having a blast will be accomplished in the best possible manner.

honeymoon packages
So, what if you are living near beaches like in Goa or in Mumbai, you would surely like to pay a visit and want to see the awesome, refreshing and rejuvenating Manali weather as it gives such a respite from tiring, monotonous and warm weather of the plains.

Manali tours
People usually tend to spend summers in cooler places and Manali Tours happens to give you the best reason to enjoy weather even in summers, since it is so cool, that there are hardly any AC’s in hotels in Manali, Manali hotels, resorts in Manali, cottages in Manali.

Increasing numbers of newly wed couples tend to choose this awesome place and they get the best honeymoon packages of Manali as well. Since, their trip becomes all the more memorable thanks to the awesome and priceless Manali weather coupled with priceless and complete Manali Tour Packages which include the best of sightseeing where you will simply be “awestruck” to the core for sure.

Himachal tour packages
There are various 3 star hotels in Manali and you can choose according to your preference. Most of these Manali hotels offer clear view of mountains and they indeed give you such a coveted site, that the pictures which you click in front of these places are surely etched in your memory for ever. For those of you, who are looking for 5 star hotels in Manali, I want to tell you that there are no 5 star hotels in Manali, unlike 5 star hotels in Agra or 5 star hotels in Delhi. But having said that, the services of Manali 3 star hotels is no less either as they make your Manali visit quite perfect, awesome and simply rocking for sure.

Summer is the perfect time for visitors who not only come from various nook and corner of the country but also from various parts of the world. So, if you are looking for Manali honeymoon packages from Mumbai, then do not worry since there are packages which are available at concession rate.

As a person from Mumbai, you would have naturally seen sea and the kind of joy and affection one get while sitting near it, now experience mountains at their best glory by choosing Manali tour. Similarly, for those of you who are looking for Manali honeymoon packages from Ahmedabad or other parts of the country such as Manali honeymoon packages from Hyderabad, hotels in Manali, then you will also get at concession rates for sure.

kullu manali
The national capital draws the maximum crowd as tourists from N.C.R along with other northern regions of the state prefer to come and visit from Delhi. Therefore, it is my duty to tell you that if you are looking for Delhi to Manali Holiday packages, then you can go Honeymoon Packages for Manali with ( www.manalihoneymoontours.com ) Monsoon Trips Pvt. Ltd. And get to know so many of the detailed packages along with customised ones as well.

Similarly, in the north part of country, Chandigarh is also an important destination where a big chunk of visitors tend to go to Shimla. Hence, I should inform you that if you are looking for Manali honeymoon packages from Shimla, then you can get a list of options according to the packages.

Your journey will become easier and jubilant if your trip is careful monitored and assisted by Manali travel agents and that’s exactly the case with you as well. Since, your trip becomes awesome, wonderful and happy if it is directed well by travel agents and tour operators since they have loads of experience in the same.

Manali tourism
There are so many sightseeing where you can visit such as Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Rohtang pass, Manikaran, Solang Vaile, Dharamshala, Mall Road, Dalhousie, Leh ladakh amongst others.

Manali honeymoon
You can get complete information from the site namely Monsoon Trips Pvt. Ltd in terms of Manali Volvo Packages and the kind of hotel rooms which you are looking for in terms of luxury, deluxe and special. Manali offers various 3 star hotels and if you are looking for 4 star hotels, then you can also get various options of the same too.

hotels in Manali
So, all I can say in the end is enjoy to the fullest amidst the lap of nature and feel the warmth which this awesome place offers to you. The time which you spend here will surely make you remember for ever. So come to Manali and be a proud witness to the awesome hospitality which Manali tourism boasts of as well. Even the list of information in the Manali directories authenticates the same too.

Himachal tourism


How social media is helping parents to keep a check on their children’s activities


There has indeed been a drastic shift from the earlier times when there was not any thing to converse especially as it comes to discussing about social media technology between children and parents. Since, parents could not get even the slightest of idea of what their children are talking about. However, there has been a whopping shift now. Thanks to the rampant usage of social media technology where parents have equally armed themselves with the detailed information.

The trend has been on the rise since increasing number of parents are using Facebook, Twitter as well as instagram. It is certainly noteworthy to say the least. As a child, you might find it to be humorous to be “friends” with your parents though.

Parents are actually getting a sense of comfort and enjoyment by using social media. They don’t mean to keep a check on the activities of children but this is some thing which naturally comes especially as you care for your near and dear ones. Isn’t it?

The children are equally sinking in with the belief that there parents have now been a part of their daily activities. The action is indirectly making children socially responsible as they know that they have been constantly looked into as well. After all, as a part of natural curiosity, parents in the lieu of increasing their “friends base” are indeed becoming “friends” with the “friends” of their children as well.

Now, parents are well aware of all the gossips which were in a way hidden from their purview up till now. They are also the happiest ones, since they get the luxury of keeping a touch on their children by projecting themselves to be “least attentive” to their activities. Isn’t it?

Finally, it can be emphatically said that social media is actually giving coveted reasons for children to be groomed in a proper way. Thanks to the convincing entry of parents who cannot be more than happy than this for sure. After all, now the way of getting the “real story” behind the scene is just so easy which they have never thought before. Great, isn’t it?

Real causes for the failure of small business

There is nothing more pathetic than facing an uncertain period due to your own mistakes. Hence, it is important to continuously learn from your faults so that you can polish your skills further. Thus, it will boost your business as well. Therefore, it necessitates you to know the most common mistakes which prove to be a death knell for your prized business:-

Don’t have detailed knowledge about running the business

The reason which compels people towards starting their small business is that they find more comfort towards doing their own work. However, it is equally important towards strategizing your life as an entrepreneur. Chalk out goals so that you are able to accomplish your personal as well as professional life.

Not able to generate enough capital

As the saying goes, “money saved is money earned”. Therefore, you need to arrange a reasonable amount of capital which will potentially boost your business. Therefore, saving is a crucial factor and you have to inculcate the habit of the same as well.

Don’t have niche focus

It is important for you to ponder yourself over the well mentioned and defined niche which you want for your business. Hence, you need to be clear on your approach so that you can easily and emphatically achieve your target as well.

Don’t get time towards communicating with existing customers

It’s a child’s play to maintain relations with an existing customer, than to arrange for the new one. Therefore, make use of the database, CRM system along with email marketing program so that you are able to effectively communicate with your customers in order to give them a sense of togetherness and support.

No contacts

Your contacts are your real asset. Therefore, nurture them by taking out time towards enhancing your professional as well as personal connections. Therefore, if in case you are devoid of any network, then you ceases to popularize your business as well.

Lack of fiscal discipline

If you are unable to budget you household, then you possibly cannot run your business as well. You have to be equally updated with your financial information.

Not able to make arrangements for managing your brand online

In such a world of technology, you can either boost or damage your business. Hence, it is imperative for you to manage in a highly sophisticated way in order to be ahead of the rest. Therefore, if you have bad reviews online then you will damage your reputation even further. On the same lines, make an emphatic presence of your social media so that you are able to carve a niche for yourself as well.

No marketing plan

Increasing numbers of small business live off referrals which finally dries up. Therefore, it is important for you to make efforts towards generating sales on periodical basis. After all, your reputation cannot give you food and fodder for ever. Isn’t it?

Finally, aforesaid are ways which act as a death knell for your business. You need to overcome them in order to take your business to the zenith.

How should I answer the question, “What is my biggest weakness?” in an interview



You are in the interview room and you are asked to tell about your weakness. This query may be proving to be quite a challenging one up till now, but after reading the post, you will know several easy ways to answer effectively.

Well, the trick to answer lies in mentioning those weaknesses which aren’t related with the nature and type of job, you have chosen for yourself. Thus this step will actually make even a negative environment into a pleasant and beneficial one for yourself.


Your weakness should never relate with the type of job, you are applying for

For example


If the nature of your job requires you to be a writer where your responsibility will be to mail clients.  Now you can tell your weakness to be that you are not a good speaker. Here, I want to emphasize, that this weakness has nothing to do with your job prospects.  You don’t have to verbally chat with anyone.  Importantly, this weakness won’t come in your way of affecting your job as well. Isn’t it?

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Similarly, I am going to tell few of the best answers which you can come up with, in this situation


  1. Best Answer – “During the process of working on the project it has hardly been the case where I did not finish the project well in advance”



Perception from the client: Yes, this type of perception will infact give the interviewer an actual sense of how the kind of urgency which “you” as the person maintains, of not only meeting the deadline, but in a way, completing the project a lot earlier.

  1. Best Answer – There have been so many instances where I involved a lot of time working on a specific project. Little did I realize that if I would have designated the work to someone else then not only I could have saved a lot of time but eventually I could have utilized this time in doing the work according to my caliber.


Perception from the client – The client perceives your smart nature


How should I answer the question, “What is my biggest weakness?” in an interview

  1. Best answer – Earlier I used to unnecessarily delay projects for the last hour but as I gained experience, I now do the work on priority basis as this gives me happiness and I am now tension free. Previously I use to pick the next project only after the completion of one project but soon I realized that one can start on several project during one time and based on the importance he can a lot time and dedication this same time and efforts as well

Perception from client – Interviewer very well understands about the extent of time management you can easily adopt for yourself, which actually works tremendously in any organization.
Most of these answers are written in a way to inspire the person so it will be an inspiring mechanism. Yes, what matters is the way you overcome that problem now it will not be considered as your negative perception. Anybody who will go through the content will see the positive side that you had the zeal to make things work as per the changing times.

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