My Favorite Teacher Essay Writing

My Favorite Teacher Essay Writing

My Favorite Teacher(150 words)

Respect is a normal response. Sri Kamal Bhattacharjee has especially grabbed my respect. He is the English teacher at our school. Kamal sir is an uncommon personality. He never teaches us moral lessons. He himself practises them. He has a vast knowledge of his subject. But he’s too humble to present it. Kamal sir is the best example of the best human qualities. He is affectionate, kind and considerate. He is quite friendly and amiable. But at times he can be very strict. He makes no tolerance for even the most irresponsible behaviour. But, we like attending his lessons. Many lights are lit by a single lamp. He has a huge influence on me. He has created an interest in reading in me. I will admire him for the rest of my life.

The Teacher I Like Most(150 words)

I got a chance to meet a lot of outstanding teachers during my student life. But I discovered not only a superb instructor in Sri Promode Chakraborty, but also a friend, a philosopher, and a mentor. He had a deep affection for all of the pupils and was unshakeable in his passion. Even for a single time, he was never angry. Although English was his favourite subject, in other topics he was also quite strong and could easily give comments. He explained everything so lucidly? that all the subjects he taught proved to be interesting. We were always welcome to enter via his doors. Whenever we were in difficulty, he showed support. He was a great disciplinarian but has a soft corner for all of us. He even used to join us in some of our games. I must say that he was more than a teacher to all of us. He was an ideal in every way to me, and I still adore and remember him.

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