Write a Paragraph on A Visit to a Book Fair

Write a paragraph on A Visit to a Book Fair

Visit to a Book Fair in 200 words.

In Kolkata, book fairs have turned into popular yearly events. If I hadn’t gone to the fair with my father last year, I wouldn’t have imagined that a fair could be so interesting. When we arrived there, it was approximately 3 p.m. There were over a 100 tents within, all of all sizes and forms. Wonderfully prepared books on medical, technology, literature, general knowledge, fiction, and other topics were given up to the public, and they looked stunning in their stylish coverings! The entire area soon became packed, and lines in front of specific vendors became longer. Every counter had a steady stream of customers. Customers were overjoyed to receive a 10% discount on cash payments. On this date, several publishing companies released notable and uncommon books. Some shops mainly offered kid reading, both national and international. Everyone might find something to fit his or her budget and interest. I did not know how popular books are among the common people. People were moving around freely and the entire environment was so cheerful. It was a completely different kind of fair, and I thoroughly liked my time there.

‘My Visit to a Book Fair’ in 250 words.

Every year, the Publishers and Book Sellers Association conduct a book fair at Milan Mela Prangan near Science City on the E.M. Bypass in Kolkata. It has become one of the most interesting annual events of this city. If I hadn’t gone with my father this year, I would not have known or thought that a fair could be so interesting and exciting. It was around three o’clock when we arrived there. The main entrance was beautifully decorated, and there were about 500 pavilions of various forms and sizes owned by various publishing firms on the inside. Beautifully printed books on medical, construction, literature, economics, general knowledge, comedy, and other subjects were made available to the public; and how lovely they appeared in their elegant wrappers! The paperbacks and hardcovers both were eye-catching. The books’ forms and sizes, as well as their prices, varied from each other. While a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica looked majestic in the environment topping in price at twelve thousand rupees, mini-journals-the new entrants, looked rather a pigmy at one rupee. Though all of them had their fans. The visitors quickly flooded in, and the entire place got crowded. Long lines in front of specific stalls grew longer, making it impossible to reach for particular books. The business at the counters was generally brisk, and I was told that in this fair last year, a trade of about Rs. 77 lakh took place. Some publishing houses brought out famous and rare books on this occasion. The main attractions of the book fair were the book bazaars. Eager customers rushed around these stalls to get their hands on books at low rates. Children were also not forgotten. In fact, several vendors exclusively offered kid books, which was perfect for his budget and taste. In addition to the four books I had already purchased, I intended to purchase a few more. What a disappointment, after a thorough search in this book jungle, I couldn’t find specific volumes I was seeking for! There were a number of canteens in addition to the book booths, and we stopped for refreshments in one of them. People were moving about freely in a joyful environment. The crowd was also disciplined. I just enjoyed the fair so much and had never seen this type of fair before.

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