Write a Paragraph on My Village

Write a paragraph on my village

My Village( 150 words)

Palashpur is a peaceful village of Purulia. We live in this place with nature. Here the morning begins with the chirping of birds. The air is so fresh and pure and there is no loud noise of any vehicle or factory. As you walk along the winding path of this village, all the houses you will see are made of clay, the beauty of which will fascinate any human being. Even despite poverty, people appear to be fresh. Approximately 2,000 people reside in this village. The majority of them are farmers. Some people make a living doing other things. They are acquainted and adore one another.

There are two schools, a post office, a health centre, and a market in the village, but we don’t have much more. We, on the other hand, have love, liberty, and pleasure. My village is one of my favourites. It is my birthplace, my heaven. 

My Village(150 words)

My village, Kusumpur, is approximately 40 km from Burdwan. It lacks railroads and is only linked to Burdwan by a metalled road. The village’s population, which is reported to be around 5000 people, is mainly made up of farmers. There are a few jotedars and some small traders who form the well-to-do section of the villagers. With one primary school, a high school, a sub-post office, and a primary health centre, our village is fairly well served.

In addition, there is a police outpost and a block office, both of which serve the residents’ requirements well. With the exception of pujas, jatras, and melas, we all have a nice social life. Our wellbeing is looked after by the gram panchayat. Despite their many difficulties, the peasants are generally cheerful and pleased. The locals are all honest and kind. They are connected together by mutual love and compassion, and they support one another in times of need. Our village life is tranquil and devoid of the noise and bustle of city life.

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